Our patrons, partners and sponsors

Our patrons in the European Parliament

The following Members of the European Parliament were our patrons for the Seminar "Labelling a socio-economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture" (28th-31st March 2009):

  • Jan MULDER has a long-standing interest for issues of Quality of agriculture products. He has been the President of the Land Use and Food Policy Intergroup in the European Parliament (LUFPIG), an informal internal think-tank of the European Parliament on agriculture issues. He has recently organised a conference on "Food Quality Certification ­ Adding Value to Farm Produce" in February 2007 that opened the way for the Green Paper on Agricultural Product Quality Policy of October 2008 that our Seminar intends to complement.
  • Maria PETRE is in charge of writing a report to the Parliament on "Ensuring food quality - harmonisation or mutual recognition of standards".